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Well, a bout of insomnia, and not feeling haikuish so Facebook doesn't serve the purpose right now so I thought I would post here. Currently am teaching 5 classes, including 4 composition courses and 1 creative writing course (for my internship) at Bradley and at ICC respectively.
Just turned 37 last week.
Serving on a ministerial search committee for my church, the UUBN
Also, planning a 25 page ars poetica paper for my mentor Gabe Gudding, which is required as part of my course work.
Behind on grading... perpetually... and my feedback for my students is rather limited to a few words on the papers.
Going to Dengue Fever in Chicago with Joanne next week.

So I am busy as a bee as usual, but things are pretty good overall. Just wish I wasn't so insomniated again.

Izzy, Joanne's cat woke us up, and I have been trying to distract her... But Izzy is a very feisty cat. She bites and claws...hard!
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