andy hall (hallawayjoe) wrote,
andy hall

embedded media ras

Will be reading May 20th
at Rejavanate
3300 E. Flamingo
Las Vegas

Got all A's this semester...

Pretty darn pleased with myself... for now.
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This is the first time I've logged into Livejournal in years, and there you are; I didn't even know you were in town! I am definitely coming to hear you read. I'm so glad you've kept me on your friends list, or maybe I've kept you on mine, all this time. I was going to look for you to ask if I may write you down as a reference on a job application. Actually, I still want to ask that, but now I'm excited that I get to see you and hear you read!
So, if I may, I will need your current phone number, email address, and job title if you have one (I will be unemployed any day now, but I would still use my PTI title, undistinguished as it is -- it sounds better on a job app than unemployed).
I have a newish email address: I'm skittish about posting my phone number on livejournal, but can email it to you, or call you, but I lost my address book and need to recover people's contact info.
Are you here permanently, for the summer, or just visiting??
I miss you, Andy. I'm glad you're here.