andy hall (hallawayjoe) wrote,
andy hall

A Poem for the Moment

Dear God,

I want to have sex with someone right now
let me mount the leg of a woman, or if there are no women around, a man, or if there are no men, a dog, and thrust away until my pelvis gives way to that one second where I can forget all about WAR, TAXES, Death,

Then after I am spent, give me money, lots of money
and make me so rich, that I can afford the best hookers money can buy... and since I will be spent, give me enough money that I can buy hookers for the hookers....

then give me lots of drugs... cocaine, heroine, mescaline,LSD, and Hash... and Robitussin
Give me crates of Robitussin, because there is nothing like overthecounter medication to get in touch with the other world
then give me coffee and cigarettes...
wait... I don't smoke...
give me oodles of dark chocolate... and piles of fried mozzarella, and a bucket of diet soda... because I am trying to lose weight.

Then give me world peace... but not just any world peace... but the kind where people reflect and quietly contemplate the virtues of ME!@@@@**!

Because, You gave ME to this world...

But don't crucify me, rather have everyone crucify themselves... Make them work long hours, and get stressed out, and worry all their lives....

But let me stand up here and MOUTH OFF because
darn it, all I do is write, and talk, and every now and then, I listen, and when I listen to you...
Like now...
That is when I know everything is sacred, and we are all
the same.
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