andy hall (hallawayjoe) wrote,
andy hall

2007 meets 1984

Saw Van Halen last night. Roth was vibrant, Eddie played well and with enthusiasm, nice arpeggios, and Wolfgang proved an affable bass player. Alex kept a nice dainty rhythm. All in all, it was a bittersweet experience as some young chaps in the row in front of us, stood up dancing raising their pilsner containers high in the air and shouting "fuck yes". I believe they enjoyed the show more than we did. We were near the back of the arena, 500 feet high in the air, raising our eyebrows like we just did not care.

On a serious note, Kymani Marley was interesting as an opening act, doing three of his father's songs, but also he did an original anti-war song that was very catchy. And yes, I enjoyed Van Halen, but it was not my type of thing. I was the kid that the Van Halen fan beat up in school. I was Waldo.


Good but trying year - Academic probation, and out of probation. More involvement with my church:

Also, Parental concerns trumped the Normal Slam Team, so I went home to Vegas instead of going to NPS.
Truth be that slam is fun, but doesn't hold the top spot on my agenda, nor am I a competitive sort. I am enjoying my poetry classes at ISU, and that for me is where it's at.

Back to Normal in one week.

I like Vegas... but I got a sweetheart back home in Bloomington-Normal. The Midwest is not done with me yet.

I hope to accompany or represent the Normal team in Madison this next year... to continue getting good grades, and to keep on keeping on...

That is good enough for me.
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have you heard the joke that their tour could be called "3 men & a baby"?


January 3 2008, 02:52:27 UTC 10 years ago

Hey... Van Halen could continue long past when Eddie passes on... but the son may change the band name to Wolfgang Van-Hagar-Roth Or Wolfgang Van Hyphen.

Here Here Andy. Sounds like you are doing quite well and making all the best decisions for you. Would love to hear more about your sweetheart :)

Take care, and if you do make it to Madison this August, maybe I can take a trip out there too.


P.S. Lots of love from Shannon and Fiona
Andy, no offense, but weren't you the guy that fans of every fan and every genre beat up? If you based current tastes on whose minions beat you up in high shcool, wouldn't your music interests be rather limited? You might still be a Neil Hamburger fan...

Rick in Toronto