andy hall (hallawayjoe) wrote,
andy hall

Phd and money

So, I commute 50 miles to Peoria 3 days a week to make $1500 a course teaching composition at a community college. I enjoy teaching for its own sake, but with rising tuition, gas prices, rent, etc... I wonder how long I can sustain it.

I don't have an assistantship from ISU. Got turned down 2 years in a row.
I got a C in Modern Rhetoric last semester because I couldn't cut it with my time pressures, etc... (C is a failing grade in graduate school). SO, I think I am doing better this semester... taking 3 courses more in line with my thinking, and expertise, but I still have to drive 50 miles for meager pay.

Illinois has a glut of academics... etc.,etc...

I am wondering if I should move back to Vegas and go to UNLV and adjunct there. I am wondering about that... my student loans may get maxxed out in a few years, my credit card debt is in the upper 5 figures... and on the bright side, I don't have any kids, and am in relatively good health, despite the 10 cups of coffee I drink to keep from driving off the road on 4 hours sleep.

Finances sucky!
Enjoying my poetry class...
but not sure if I have a good chance of getting any financial support.

These are the things I am dealing with...

Not life/death... but serious.

Also, I am dating someone here in Bloomington... so I do have some attachments to the area... but w/o financial sustenance and the opportunity to do well in my coursework... This PhD thing could come to a halt.

Could go for teaching licensure and teach in the high schools. Teach for America? Either way... will be exploited some how.

Maybe should go to law school or for MBA? Ha!

Join the Army? Maybe they can give me some LSD?

Just what I need!
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Oy, finances. How I hate money matters. But hooray for dating someone! =D