andy hall (hallawayjoe) wrote,
andy hall

August 2

I have been mainly on facebook lately which is less time consuming than LJ, but for those of you who are wondering what is up with me...

About to enter final year of course work on PhD
Then a year of internship and comps
and a year of dissertation

Do I like it? Yes and No. I like the intellectual aspects, but I don't have an assistantship
so it is hard financially, and it is like being a second class citizen in some ways in this department. You are basically not one of the gang.

That being said, other things are going well... Got a girlfriend, who I've been seeing for just about a year, and I am relatively happy in non academic matters... So I have a lot to be grateful for, but my family is all back West, and I can't afford or don't have the time to go back and see them... yet right now I am only working part time, thanks to student loans and a massively debt inducing credit card, but I figure, it is only for a few more years.

Eventually, I will find my academic home... the place that values what I have to offer.
I am thinking about making a trip up to Madison for Nats, but I may be too busy.

Plus I got a ticket to go see Weird Al at the Illinois State Fair on the 9th. Weird Al trumps slam.
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